Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics Classes

Class Schedule

Please see attached our new academic school Term 3 Schedule - Updated 6th April 2019


Beginners Girls Artistic Gymnastics 3yrs+ 1hr
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday 3.45-4.45pm Wednesday 3.30-4.30pm Friday 9-10am and Saturday 3-4pm

Academy Squad + Intermediate Girls Artistic Gymnastics 6yrs+ 2hrs
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday 4.45-6.45pm and Wednesday 4.30-6.30pm and Saturday 4.00-6.00pm

Academy Squad Gymnastics NEW 3hr classes
Wednesday 4.30-7.30pm and Friday 10am-1pm

Academy Squad Supplementary Bars
Monday 3.45-4.45pm

*NEW* Competitive Rhythmic Gymnastics 5yrs+
Contact Gyuzel MacLaren 050 524 3230 or email

Non-Member rates 100dhs per hour - Member rates from 65-80dhs per hour depending on hours per week you train - Unlimited package available for Academy Gymnasts - train for up to 13hrs per week for only 35dhs per hour! - All Payable Termly

Classes start on Friday 12th April and run for 12 weeks finishing on Wednesday 3rd July 2019

ALL Classes during Ramadan will be brought forward - to be announced a week before.

ASA Programmes

SUNDAY - Sunmarke School Foundation
1-1.45pm Totnastics 3-5yrs
11 weeks Payable Termly Upfront or after 1 Trial Class 715/65dhs
Term Starts Sunday 14th April and finishes Sunday 30th June (excluding Sunday 9th Day Teacher Training Day)

MONDAY - Regent International School
4-4.45pm Totnastics FS1+FS2
4.45-5.45pm Recreational Gymnastics Y1-3
5.45-7.15pm Recreational Gymnastics Y4+
12 weeks Payable Termly Upfront or after 1 Trial Class 780/65dhs, 900/75dhs and 1380/115dhs
Term Starts Monday 15th April and finishes Monday 1st July

WEDNESDAY - Foremarke School, Al Barsha
2.15 - 2.45pm Artistic Gymnastics Nursery (300dhs)
2.45-3.45pm Artistic Gymnastics Reception (450dhs)
3.45-4.45pm Artistic Gymnastics Preparatory Y1-6 (450dhs)
Foremarke Students Only
6 weeks Payable Termly Upfront or after 1 Trial Class 50/75dhs
Term Starts Wednesday 17th April and finishes Wednesday 26th June excludes RAMADAN

THURSDAY- Sunmarke School Secondary
4-5pm Recreational Gymnastics 5yrs+
11 weeks Payable Termly Upfront or after 1 Trial Class 825/75dhs
Term Starts Thursday 18th April and finishes Thursday 4th July (excludes Thursday 6th June EID)


Please see below some important documents for parents to read and fill in and return.

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